Cost of Legal Advice

Initial telephone advice – FREE

Initial consultation, up to one hour – £240 (including VAT)

Further work is usually agreed as a fixed fee in advance of work being carried out

Hourly rate is £300 (including VAT)

For Employment Tribunal cases, the initial stage is ACAS Early Conciliation.  The cost for this stage is between £750 – £900 plus VAT.  The work required under this stage is assessment of claim(s), completing ACAS Early Conciliation form and communication with ACAS, negotiation, including advising client and, if appropriate, drafting and finalising ACAS COT3 agreement.

Estimate of costs for Unfair dismissal case

Although fixed fees are offered for various stages of an Employment Tribunal claim, the overall cost (if the case does not conclude at an early stage), would be between about £4,000 and £6,500 (plus VAT).  However, many cases are concluded prior to a full hearing, so the costs could be much lower.  To ensure that you do not pay too much, you are offered fixed fees for stages of work, so that if the case concludes at that stage you have not paid for stages which are not required.

Estimate of costs for a Wrongful Dismissal case

Fixed fees would be offered for various stages of the Employment Tribunal claim.  After ACAS Early Conciliation, a case could cost between £4,000 and £6,000 (plus VAT).  Many cases do conclude prior to a full hearing, so the costs could be much lower.

The above estimates do not include costs for counsel/barrister or other disbursements.