How do you bring an Employment Tribunal claim?

It is possible for individuals to bring claims by themselves.  The Employment Tribunal Service website has the new Tribunal claim form, which can be obtained from

It is important to remember that prior to starting a claim, individuals have to follow the ACAS Early Conciliation process, which allows the individual to contact ACAS, put forward what they plan to claim and what they are looking for in return, usually compensation and how much.  The ACAS form is fairly straight forward and can be completed online, further information is on the ACAS website as is the form  .

If ACAS Early Conciliation is successful then there is no further action required.

If ACAS Early Conciliation is not successful then ACAS will issue a certificate and an individual will be able to complete and submit the Employment Tribunal claim form.  A fee is payable when submitting the ET1 form, or if appropriate a remission of the fee can be applied for.

Important – Time Limits

It is vital that you do not miss the Time Limit for bringing your claim.  For many types of claims, such as unfair dismissal and discrimination the time limit is 3 months from termination or the incident of discrimination.

There are ways that claims can still be brought outside of the time limit but you should be cautious and take legal advice on this.

Although claims can be brought by individuals it may be necessary to obtain legal advice beforehand, especially to ensure that you have covered all possible claims on your claim form and to tackle any issues of time limits.