Testimonials for Moore Solicitors Employment Law Advisors Watford

Dear Harsha, Just to say again how much I appreciate your help, not just what you did, but how you did it. Your kind professionalism and charitable approach was a welcome contrast to some of the behaviour to which I have been subjected. ZN

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Moore Solicitors. This was my first time I was involved in taking two defendants to court, a process I found both daunting and stressful but thanks to their reassurance and professionalism, I was able to go through the process.

I know that the prospects of success in these types of cases are sometimes on a 50 /50 basis but I’m pretty sure that their work helped to secure a victory against the defendants. I can’t recommend Moore Solicitors enough for the quality of service. Again, thank you to the whole team.

Costs can sometimes escalate quickly when you are seeking robust and diligent legal advice. Moore Solicitors are different in that they put advice for an SME at the heart of what they do. I found them collaborative, keen to be of assistance and looking out for my best interests. I would characterise our engagement with them as: high client satisfaction, really friendly and very prompt with responses.
Pratik Dattani, Managing Director, EPG

Just a word of appreciation, I am very happy with the way you dealt with the matter, promptly, with explanations and continuously keeping me informed.”  KG

“I couldn’t have done all of this without you, and without Caroline who introduced me to you, so thank you both very much indeed. I will never forget your kindness.”  LR

“I sought legal advice from Mrs Moore when I was made the subject of an official investigation at work. I was left in no doubt that the matter was deemed to be very serious. I was signed off work with work related stress due to the nature of the allegations. I found Mrs Moore to be calm, measured and even handed. Mrs Moore assisted me when I was not even able to string a sentence together. Mrs Moore was also reliable which I needed at that time because a lot of people let me down. I was distressed by the whole process and under took counselling before returning to work. However Mrs Moore had patience and provided me with sound legal advice and helped me put things into perspective. I would recommend her as a solicitor to anyone I know who requires employment law advice. I had previously recommended her to family/friends but now I have direct personal experience of how good she really is. In the end the whole investigation resulted in no sanction upon my record.

“Quite simply, professional, supportive and realistic legal advice. I would not hesitate in recommending Moore solicitors.” Anon

“Thank you, and Jesse [barrister], again for all your help with my tribunal case. Your calming guidance and expert knowledge was exactly what I needed, together with your ability to put into words an accurate summary of the situation and what I was saying.
Thank You”

“I am writing this to encourage anyone who has a concern regarding a human resource/employment/disciplinary issue  to contact Harsha Moore. Out of the blue, I recently had occasion to need some expert advice regarding a disciplinary matter. I received some very professional advice and what is more, the advice was given in an extremely supportive and caring manner which is exactly what I needed. I remain very appreciative of the high standard and concern which was shown to me – thank you again!”  GA.

“On behalf of my Company, I wish to confirm that we have the highest regard for the Practice of Moore Solicitors.

We consult Harsha Moore mainly regarding Human Resource matters; they deal with all our employment issues litigation with the utmost courtesy and efficiency.  Their service is second to none and the contact is personal and friendly.  They offer a telephone advice line, which is invaluable. All cases handled by Moore Solicitors have had a very positive outcome for our Company.  I have no hesitation in recommending them.” Watford Business

“Thank you for all your support you gave me during what was a very difficult time for me.  You gave me excellent legal advice, of course – but just as importantly you listened sympathetically to my problems and helped me realise what was happening wasn’t my own fault.  That kept me sane.” – MH, local employee

‘Many thanks for all your help in my case and best wishes’ – VN